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Our learning community has been offered some seed funding to enhance our web conference capability.  In addition to enhancing  web and telephone based conference capacity, we now have shared access to utilize two macOSX  based servers. We are moving our communications network to a new hosting environment to help expand the capacity and to have a home base for the WISRville Learning Community.

To Help us develop Wisrville into a functional easy to use web based conference media center … what would you want to do?

A few things come to mind that I would like to see…

We would  have the ability to participate in all school gatherings and other important wisr.edu events from anyplace that had telephone or internet access.  We now have the ability to call in and join the community live.

We now have a more expanded choice to be part of the community. You can choose to participate  live or later review and observe what happened by streaming it on demand.

You also have a choice to participate via audio or audio/video

With the new service, we would have the ability to have meetings with desk sharing.  It is also something that can be used for seminars and various virtual learning tanks.  Groups can create shared real time documents, files, power points and all manner of web based media.

As a community member we can facilitate learning experiences with a community from anywhere and with anyone who has telephone, cellular or internet access. I  can see the learner/teacher benefits and the professional development possibilities.  How can we use these tool to enhance our professional and organizational lives?

We can use the network to develop and participate in virtual study groups, mindleader groups and action think tanks.  I am looking for ways to use the center for Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Action Research and music.

We can be a Host Service for Web Based Community Action Think Tanks and  Resolution Think Tanks.

Here is a challenge to the community.  Can we create a series of 15 minute action research based subject matter papers?  The hope is that each member of the wisrville.org learning community will create at least one paper per year. Papers can be as simple as audio pod casts or PDF compilations of your wisrville.org blog.

However if you care to explore some web based digital publishing for fun, credit and possible profit … you have the access the knowledge and the resources to get as elaborate as your digitized multimedia imagination can devise using the networked hardware and easy to use software resources that are available.  If  desired the papers will be made available to share with the community and even the SEO world online.  Publish the results of your action research, observation and reflection.  I noticed we can eventually have a translation service and make transcripts available in major non english languages.

I don’t have much trouble thinking of things or even making up lots of things we could do.

The question I need to ask, will this be of benefit to you and  do you see some possibilities?






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