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Below is a draft and almost completed flyer for October.  If you have ideas for future seminars, please post them below.  Also, please leave feedback on the recent conference at http://3rdannualconference.wisrville.org/ .

WISR Faculty David Yamada will be visiting us the first weekend in November  and would like to know what you are interested in having a seminar about.



MEDIATORS BEYOND BORDERS                          
Saturday, October 15, 2011, 10am-1pm

Larry Loebig WISR PhD Candidate & Marilyn Jackson, PhD, WISR Faculty, Facilitators. 
This will be an organizational Meeting for WISR’s Student Chapter of Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB).  WISR is applying to Mediators Beyond Borders (http://www.mediatorsbeyondborders.org/) to be a college with a student chapter of MBB.   This was briefly discussed at the recent WISR 3rdAnnual Conference.  There it was decided that we should have this organizational meeting to: 1) Review the Chapter Constitution submitted to MBB to see if any amendments need to be made to that Constitution; 2) have participants share stories with one another about their relevant experiences engaging in mediation, and the nature of their interest in actively participating in WISR’s MBB Chapter; 3) plan next steps for organizational activities, and/or steps to explore what some options might be for activities; and 4) discuss how to involve others at WISR. WISR’s MBB Chapter is open to all currently enrolled students, as well as to prospective students who have submitted their $600 enrollment fee.  It is also open to WISR non-degree learners for a $100/year fee which gives them access to a blog on Wisrville (http://wisrville.org) and to membership in MBB, as well as participation in all WISR seminars and group learning activities (but not to for academic credit).  For those who cannot participate on site at WISR, but who would like to participate by phone line hook-up to WISR’s on site speakerphone, you may contact Marilyn Jackson (mail@wisr.edu) for the telephone conference line number and access code.

 II) MARRIAGE FAMILY THERAPY (MFT) SEMINARS are designed for students pursuing an MFT license.  Other interested persons are welcome to attend but are requested to RSVP. They will be held at WISR from 10am to 2pm with a short break.  Bring a bag lunch.

 Required seminars for our MA program leading to the State of California’s MFT and LPCC licenses are now available by telephone conference call.  Students or prospective students who wish to participate in a given seminar should contact the faculty member offering the seminar by e-mail to Ronald@RonaldMah.com or to carolejmorton@integrativepsychotherapist.net to gain access
to a phone conference call line
. In the future, many of the optional interdiscplinary seminars as well as the as the core seminars in action-research will be available by phone conference as well as on site participation–contact the faculty member leading each seminar for access information.

Ronald Mah, MA, MFT, WISR Faculty.

Saturday, October 8, 10:00am-2:00pm
This seminar will be at Ronald’s office: *433 Estudillo Ave., #305 in San Leandro, CA [(510) 614-5641. This series focuses on theories of human development and child development.  The fundamentals of developmental theories will be presented.  Various developmental theories and their application to therapy will be discussed including: Freud, Piaget, Erickson, Kohlberg. Developmental theories will be connected to application for assessment and diagnosis and treatment in therapy. (Upcoming seminar(s) with Ronald Mah will be November 19 in Berkeley at the WISR office. Subsequent seminars after November will be at the WISR office until next summer 2012.  www.ronaldmah.com/.

SPOUSAL ABUSE, Part III of IV                                           
Saturday, October 22, 10am-2pm

Carole Morton, MA, MFT, Faculty. This seminar will look at assessment and clinical intervention strategies, including the development of an effective victim safety plan and a non-violent decision making plan.  We will discuss the stages of escalation and, if there are children, how to keep them safe.  We will discuss community resources for the victim of spousal abuse.  We will also look at the cultural factors regarding spousal abuse, including same gender relationships. We will discuss the long term effects of spousal abuse including marital rape/suicide/homocide.  Upcoming seminar(s) with Carole Morton will be November 26. www.integrativepsychotherapist.net .


Audio recordings from WISR’s recent 3rd Annual Conference are now available on Wisrville.  Photos from the conference will soon be added to the same web page.  We are hoping that we can generate some post-conference dialogue about the conference and the content of some of the sessions on Wisrville. To post a comment (yes, we’re soliciting comments and hopingto continue the great dialogue from the conference!) and to learn how to access the audio files go to:http://3rdannualconference.wisrville.org/2011/08/30/invitation-to-engage-in-post-conference-dialogue-and-to-listen-to-audio-recordings-of-sessions/

WISR’s NEW WEBSITE!  WISR’s website:  www.wisr.edu has had a major make-over–check it out.  Also, WISR website and wisrville have links to recent news articles and commentaries from the progressive news service, Reader Supported News.

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