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Here’s a question I have: Once you have a blog, you start getting comments.  Most of them are from people who just want you to list their website so you can delete them or click on the spam button to make them go away. I’m wondering, if you click on the spam button, will that prevent their comments from showing in the future.  Is there any way to reduce frivolous comments like this?

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    WISR Tech Question

    It seems that I only have access to post content in the form of blog post to my blog. This limits me to sharing comments to community blogs. I suppose this is ok, although I imagine the commons as a place with mutual access to posting content. This way post/content can be seen equally with in the technological hierarchy.

    Just a thought..


  2. Thanks, William. You’re right, we need to add all students at a minimum to the Commons Blog. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. William, last fall I was tackling the issue of getting so much spam. I think that has stopped though I’m not sure I did the right thing. Maybe we can have a phone conference meeting about this soon.

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