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I’d like to learn more about coaching.  I have studied psychology and counseling but don’t have any certification.  I think I might benefit from some coaching and might be able to benefit others as a coach.  It would be good to discuss this and compare it with other forms of counseling, especially psychotherapy.  I don’t see myself getting into a very rigorous program but this might be a next step.  I have been thinking of finding ways to teach skills useful for mental health, including in the realm of social skills like assertiveness and conflict resolution.  I know many at WISR have more formal training on this and whatever your level, I would like to hear your thoughts in response. Wikipedia has some background on the subject, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coaching .

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  1. Profile photo of wpoehner wpoehner says:

    I am very interested in this topic as well. I have so many friends that are coaches, therapist and group facilitators. I wound enjoy being a part of a discussion on the differences and similarities of practice(and intervention). Other than the obvious DSM4 difference in psychotherapy.

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    Coachville is a community of coaches – I think the free membership is 25,000


    I recently participated in a workshop at Coachville where we explored coaching using a structured dialogue and score card model that included 9 personal environments. We explored the use of “will power” and the use of “world power” in the context of achieving specific results. The thing I like about coachville workshops is they are experiential. They have online training technology that creates a versatile tele-conference environment. This is a good place to start, a coaching learning community with lots of access to relevant information on the state and art of coaching.

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