Saturday, February 11th, 9:45am – 1:15pm
Come and share your ideas about how we can each and collectively participate in the 99% movement. To start the thinking process, please write an essay about this and email it to in advance of the gathering preferably to enrich our discussion. We will post these essays on the Wisrville Commons website unless we hear otherwise from you, the authors. ~ MFT Students: Attendance at the All-School Gathering counts as attendance at an MFT seminar this month. Please bring fingerfood snacks to share!

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  1. What are some platforms you think the 99% should rally around? Can you help me develop a list of ideas for this? A friend just came up with one. I heard on a guest author on Charlie Rose say that the average length of time stock is held is every 22 seconds. What if each sale of stock was taxed?

  2. A special broadcast of “The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann” will be on
    Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific time, including Robert Reich on the panel. They suggest people gather together to watch and discuss… Check it out…


    By Alan D. Cooper

    I am aching to stand up for a world I know could and should exist…but right now I am still barely crawling. Tomorrow I will sit for lunch with three of my daughters and I will feel some shame that I am not standing nearly as erect as they. They have marched in Oakland and beyond Oakland. They have occupied the vertical world, standing tall, reminiscent of the trees that still suppose there is a sky and beyond. They have thankfully not learned the lessons of capitulation that my generation swallowed, the kool-aid of complacency we brandished like a weapon against our own agonizing defeat. Think 1960’s Yippie leader Jerry Rubin morphing into a stock-broker and multiply that by the millions of us who once catalyzed our safety in the echo chambers of fervency, only to compound the fetal retreat we eventually struck with the patina of “we are the older and wiser generation now”.

    Older yes, but our wisdom waned as our passion to inhabit a world we dreamt of, petered out. The young are the wise. Those who are crying and bleeding and screaming in the face of rigidly entrenched arthritic American values, are the embodiment of the wisdom and breath of hope. What we, the elders can do is declare ourselves, as unequivocally as possible, as standing with the young and restless. Not murmuring like the three witches of Macbeth about how the young shouldn’t occupy that building or mark graffiti here or there. Unequivocally, as one would back those who would lead us all to the promised land.

    Let us, the ‘older generation’, stop comparing the present movement to our flirtation with greatness in the Sixties. We failed, and in our unconscious denial of the compromised way we have been forced to live, we tend to super-impose our crippled gait upon the current ‘walk to freedom’. These younger homo sapiens who are standing more erect than ever, are struggling to transcend not only the vested interests of the ultra-moneyed one-percenters, but the smarmy superiority of us old ‘latte liberals’ as well.

    It would be a great re-awakening for we ‘sixties survivors’ if we could find the way to reverse the Oedipal Order and crawl behind those who now offer to stand and finish what we could not. The Oedipal Order barks out from every pore, from every cell, that Father and Mother Know Best, that experience and logic are the cornerstones of the Darwinian survival of our species. “Do not go blindly into the jaws of the saber-toothed tiger, child”, we elders find ourselves over-protecting our youth in paralyzing, if well-meaning rhetoric.

    Now is the time for us to recognize that the very logic that once propelled humanity forward in the ancient ‘survival of the fittest’ race, is presently feeding the greed that percolates in the core of the American collective gut. If the fittest survives by using advanced brains to avoid the mouths of hungry wooly beasts, would not one survive even better if they developed the type of intellect that allowed them to live in an ivory tower with servants who slew all beasts, imagined and real. Yes, it is time to re-encode the collective unconscious program of our mass journey as a species. Thus, the old indoctrination that once celebrated safety, must now will itself to a new Darwinian imperative. That which is devouring us is no longer armed with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, but rather is our own rabid, fear-based digestion of all emerging and spontaneous combustible life.

    Before we can ever hope to change the ‘onesies’ with all their

    carnal monetary hungers, let us, the semi-aware humans, change ourselves. If you know the ‘hundredth monkey’ tale, it might be applicable here. We, who once sniffed the musky fragrance of our own generation’s animus, let us cast aside safety, breathe in the heady aroma of fearlessness, and nakedly stand behind the young. Yes, we old radicals went into hibernation and survived..but at what cost?

  4. Profile photo of larry larry says:

    According to MSNBC an analysis of the Superpac money indicates that 96% of the funds have come from 196 donors who are identified as being in the 1%. 400 people make up the top tier economic elite in the United States. They are controlling the paid message and influencing the media dialogue.

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